Collection: Party at Madventures!

We offer 90 minute party times at Madventures Manteca and Pleasant Hill. Children build a minifigure and small capsule to protect their minifigure as it travels through our "Systar System".

The base party cost is $125.00 for up to 6 children. 8 additional children up to a maximum total of 15 may be added at $15.00 each. This is for a unhosted party and adult supervision is required. An additional charge will be applied for any damage to the room or if additional cleanup is required. 

This is an UNHOSTED party. We do provide an initial introduction and directions to get you started.  We do provide a decorated room with party plates and utensils. You are allowed to bring snacks, cake or cupcakes, and drinks in closed containers. The maximum size of the party is 15 kids. Our parties are best for kids ages 4 to 12.

If you have any questions or to verify your party reservation please email us at for the most up to date and accurate information given by our managers and owner. 


Party at Madventures!
  • Our Pleasant Hill Location

    Join us in Manteca at 1140 N Main St. for a great Systar LEGO birthday party!

    To verify your party reservation please email us at

    Party at Pleasant Hill Madventures 
  • Our Manteca Location

    Join us in Pleasant Hill at 967 Contra Costa Blvd, for a great Systar LEGO birthday party!

    To verify your party reservation please email us at

    Party at Manteca Madventures 
  • Systar System

    Welcome to the Systar System! Our LEGO party package brings the vibrant and whimsical world of 'The LEGO Movie 2' to life. Perfect for young builders and LEGO fans, this party is out of this world!

    READY, SET, LAUNCH! Hurtle your LEGO minifigure through the Systar System tubes and see which designs survive the journey! Will your creation withstand the twists and turns? Come find out and put your building skills to the ultimate test!

  • FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

    1. How can I book the party? Use the links in columns one or two to book at Madventures Manteca or Pleasant Hill.

    2. When do I pay? Payment will be collected at the end of the party with a base price of $125 for 6 children, additional children charged at $15/person

    Other Questions: How do I verify my party booking? Can I bring food or drinks? Can I bring a cake? Find these and more on our FAQ page!

    Check out the full FAQ list