- - We've Gone Mad! - -

Guess what! We’ve gone MAD…Madventures that is. We are a family owned corporation named MadventuresUSA Inc - an independent LEGO® reseller unaffiliated with any franchise. Keep reading below to find out what you can expect from us at our two locations (Manteca and Pleasant Hill)

About Our Stores:

We are a LEGO specialty store offering new and collectible sets and minifigures! We strive to make everything about your experience in our stores awesome. We host unique birthday parties and events!  

We are expanding our inventory to include a wider range of sets and accessories that our customers have asked for like trains, modern and WWII military, and our Kids Customs building buckets.

In addition to this we are edging into the tabletop games arena, with board game offerings like Catan and Ticket to Ride, as well as role-playing games like Blood Bowl. In the future we will host gaming events and tournaments in our spacious party area. 

Sell Your LEGO!

We buy LEGO by the pieces (bulk), by the complete and built set, and by the minifigure. Please note, we do not sort through bulk LEGO to pull out sets and minifigures.

We do allow drop-in appointments for small sales however we do not always have someone available to handle the purchase and we always take appointments first, so we do recommend that you schedule an appointment.

At the appointment, we will ask you to please place the LEGO items you are selling on a table and a staff member will give you an offer based on several factors. All of our appointments are RISK FREE - meaning you can choose to take the offer or walk away.

Please note - we give offers only on LEGO items and only in store after seeing the items. We do not give estimates over the phone, via email, or through this form.

If you are interested in selling to us - Use the button below to schedule your appointment. Please make sure you book at the correct store.

Sell Your LEGO!

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