Collection: Come N' Build

Dive into the realm of endless possibilities and unleash your inner builder with our Kids Customs Line!

Kids Customs include unique and custom products such as the plans to build 8-bit characters out of LEGO pieces, special character builds, custom adventurer builds, and unique spins on Catan and Blood Bowl!

Come N' Build
  • Blood Bowl Teams

    Build, strategize, and compete! Introducing our custom LEGO-build MOC Blood Bowl teams, perfect for your next Blood Bowl game. Whether you're a coach crafting your dream team or a player ready to tackle the competition, these LEGO creations add a unique twist to the classic game.

  • 8-Bit Build Plans

    Dive into nostalgia with step-by-step guides for constructing pixel-perfect masterpieces, bringing classic video game characters and scenes to life in colorful brick form.

  • Game Expansions

    Expand your game nights with our LEGO-built MOC game expansions! Create custom pieces and unique boards for your favorite tabletop games. Whether it's a reimagined map, specialized tokens, or entirely new game elements, these LEGO MOCs bring creativity and flexibility to classic games. Upgrade your gameplay with a touch of LEGO magic!

  • Limited MOC Kits

    Introducing our exclusive LEGO-built MOC custom kits, available for a limited time! These unique kits feature specialized items like light sabers, magic wands, and other imaginative accessories. Whether you're a builder, collector, or just a LEGO enthusiast, these kits offer endless creativity and customization. Get yours before they're gone!