Collection: Come N' Play

In addition to our LEGO pieces and sets - be sure to check out the "and More" products we carry in store!

You'll choose from unique items that you won’t find at the ‘big box’ stores including some fantastic after-market accessories, a beginner role playing game, and so much more!

We are proud to now be carrying Nano Block and Wise Elk products. We are also so excited to be expanding into the gaming world - so check out our Catan and Ticket to Ride collections as well as the full line of Blood Bowl skirmish teams!

Come N' Play
  • Ticket to Ride and Catan Board Games

    Award-winning board games that captivate players with strategic gameplay and immersive storytelling, perfect for fostering friendly competition and memorable game nights with family and friends.

  • Blood Bowl

    The ultimate fantasy football experience where players lead teams of brutal athletes in a gridiron battle of strategy and mayhem, combining the thrill of sports with the excitement of tabletop gaming.

  • Nano Block

    Create exquisite 3D works of art with amazing realism and authenticity. With bricks as small as 4mmx4mmx5mm and manufactured to the highest tolerances, you can build ornate and incredibly detailed sculptures that will fit in the palm of your hand.

  • Wise Elk

    Curators of educational and eco-friendly toys, providing a diverse selection of engaging and sustainable products that encourage imaginative play and foster learning in children.